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Let customers find you!

Do you own a restaurant, cafe, bar or even a gym?

Or maybe manage a Theatre or you are an Event Organizer.
Whatever the background Our Platform is for Everyone.


Specific Categories to serve each industry
One at a time to keep things simple.

Your business can select a subcategory
to help users focus their search

Interactive Map showing
all upcoming events and offers
Easy to use!

Check out your own listing and other local venues.
Make it competitive

Smart and brief filtering,
to help along with the results

Check-out the in-App filtering to learn more
about how users engage with it

Your Listing

Large Listing Display
Add here all the information about
your special offer or event.

Choose high impact, brief titles and description.

Upload some of your best pictures.

Integrated tools to help users navigate
easier to your location.

Keep your venue details accurate and up to date.


Your Own Panel

Custom Designed Tool to manageyour Account

Dedicated and integrated management tool for your business use. Upload unlimited offers and events to attract new clients. Do it all via Your Account section.

Link all your venues with your account.
Manage them all from one place.

See your live offers using our App. Check out competition on your area. Edit and change anything.

You are in control.

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About Us

Our Mission

Our modern, busy world needs a place that enables everyone a better access to making plan. Plans about how to best spend your time.

We want to gather all the options in one place, and let our users decide their next move.

Our Values

We want our platform to be accessible for the big and the small ones alike.

Therefore we focus to offer visibility, opportunity and ease of use to all our members.

Our Team

When you gather a bunch of city dwellers the result is a great idea. This is how Rodeo came to life.

Together we have the passion and determination to make it happen. Come meet us!

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