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Our modern, busy world needs a place that enables everyone a better access to making plans. Plans about how to best spend your time. We want to gather all the options in one place, and let our users decide their next.

Our Team

When you gather a bunch of city dwellers, the result is a great idea. This is how Rodeo came to life. Together we have the passion and determination to make it happen. Come meet us!

Our Values

We want our platform to be accessible for the big and the small ones alike. Therefore we focus to offer visibility, opportunity and ease of use to all our members.

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“Rodeo World is perfect when looking for a different plan, something exciting! When people ask me how I do so many different things in so little time, I send them a link to download the Rodeo App.”

Elvis Polanski

Rodeo App User
Rodeo World App User - Photo Credit to Gabriel Silverio

“After spending so much time in confinement, it has been hard to find something to do.This application has helped me get out of bed and actually enjoy my time safely, I am simply in love with Rodeo!”

Anna Roberts

Rodeo App User

“Marketing is simpler than ever. I used to spend countless amounts of money on social media marketing and google ads, now it seems like the Rodeo team does it for me. Thank you Rodeo Team, you guys rock!”

Diana Martinez

Rodeo App & Business App User

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